2018 Goals

I have set six goals for me to achieve in 2018. Here they are:

  1. Run 5k without taking a break
  2. Double my strength
  3. Achieve a golf handicap of 20
  4. Take 50 images that I can use in my photography portfolio
  5. Learn 50 songs on the guitar
  6. Get A2-level in the DELE Spanish language certificate

It took me a couple of days of really thinking about what I want to focus on this year, to come up with the above goals.

I mean, honestly--I just feel like I've been so...directionless the past few years. I've had some small accomplishments, sure--but nothing that really makes me feel like I've really "lived."

There's work, there's family, there are commitments. There are just life things that I know will come, where I've been framing my mind to try to come to terms with when they happen in the future.

But, y'know, "all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy," as they say.

Hence the six goals above.

I signed up to 10 sessions of golf lessons, I signed up to a photography community mentorship program, I've set aside some time to practice guitar and learn Spanish daily. So it's progressing pretty well.

My excuse for not doing goals #1 and #2 as much so far was because I got sick the first week we got back in Jakarta--which was just last week. So I thought I might as well delay the start time for those two. The other four, however, are doing pretty good.

I'm hoping to document some of my progress on this website, even though its purpose is really to showcase my photography.

Wish me luck--I'll surely need it.