Who Am I?

It's kind of odd that I put my goals for this year as my "official" first post. But hey--don't blame me: I'm just that excited about it.

Let me elaborate about who I am: my name is Axel Widjojo. "Axel" is a nickname that my mom gave me, which I go by.

I'm currently living in Jakarta, Indonesia with my beautiful wife and two children. I work as a director at a small palm oil plantation, amongst other ventures. Some of them being an Argentine restaurant and a coffee shop/co-working space.

I count photography and playing guitar as my main passions, and I'm currently learning how to play golf. I used to play tennis when I was growing up and would like to pick it up again sometime. I used to be an avid video gamer and anime/manga fan, however they've taken a backseat considering my current workload.

I speak Indonesian and English fluently, and understand some elementary-level Japanese. I'm also in the process of learning Spanish (as mentioned earlier), for more practical reasons.

We'll end up getting to know each other by way of my blog posts, for sure. But hey, should you have any questions, all you have to do is ask.